Running Diary, Week One: New Beginnings

“Run fast for your mother, run fast for your father, run for your children, your sisters and brothers” – Dog Days are Over by Florence + the Machine

I had those words repeating in my head as I went for a run last night, the first in a very long time. While I love exercise, running is definitely not my activity of choice. When I say I’m not a runner, I really truly mean it. For the most part, I prefer the dynamic of group classes where I can work hard but there’s also an element of socialization whereas I find running too lonesome, and yet somehow not private enough because unlike yoga or pilates, I can never quiet my mind. The only exception to this is when I run with my fiance. He respects my limitations but also pushes me to do better and it’s only then that I experience the benefits of this activity.

Post run selfie
Post run selfie : not my best look but feeling happy and encouraged

So, with his encouragement we have decided to sign up for the Terry Fox Run this fall, which takes place on Sunday September 20, 2015. I haven’t gotten my team together and we’ve yet to figure out the details but this is something we’ve decided to do, and I’ll be documenting my experience here. Living a healthy lifestyle through exercise and eating well helps reduce the risk of certain cancers and obviously produces many additional benefits as well. Personally, given the uncertainty of the last few weeks, one of these benefits is regaining control and purpose. The run isn’t competitive but I am, so I will be training to meet my own goals.

Furthermore, what I wrote in my first entry – that this space is not going to be defined by the negativity of cancer – is a promise I plan to keep. I also think it’s fitting that I am supporting the Terry Fox Foundation, an organization that does so much to advance cancer research. Terry and his Marathon of Hope have become synonymous with resilience, determination, and of course, hope. I want to honour Terry’s legacy as well as my dad’s by doing something that challenges me and encourages me to exhibit all those things.

Post selfie -selfie: Charlotte, president of my fan club, showing her support and encouragement
Post selfie -selfie: Charlotte, president of my fan club, showing her support and encouragement

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