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Running Diary, Week Five: In need of inspiration

My running diary is becoming quite dull because first of all, this isn’t a very strenuous run to begin with and secondly, I’ve been such a disaster lately with my routine. My life has been chaotic, with some good and some bad, and it’s resulted in a lack of motivation and structure. Some days I feel enormously guilty but more often than not I’m too busy to even realize it until it’s too late to do anything. Excuses, yes, but if you’ve been following this series, I doubt you’re surprised.

Anyway, to get myself back on track I’ve started reading running blogs to find some inspiration and admittedly I love learning about other people and their process. I’m such a nerd. There are so many fascinating reads out there but the one I’m most invested in at the moment belongs to my cousin, Phyllis, which you can find here. If you can imagine someone completely the opposite from me in terms of running, you can begin to understand what Phyllis is like. She’s a very talented runner to begin with but more than anything, she’s disciplined, focused, and motivated, running marathons and challenging 50k races both in North America and internationally. Since Phyllis lives in the United States, I don’t get to catch up with her that frequently, but through the powers of social media I get to see all these incredible feats which test the limits of strength and determination. Her posts are heartfelt and chronicle both the successes and set backs. Truly, she’s an inspiration. Each time she shares, whether it’s on her blog or personal accounts, I feel encouraged enough that I finally get myself in gear. In this case, reading leads to doing and I PROMISE I’ll get off my butt and start running again. As we all know regular exercise has many benefits: it contributes to healthier lifestyles and helps prevent illness including certain types of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, it assists in managing stress, and honestly, it’s fun. Hopefully after I get back into my routine again, propelled by this knowledge (exercise is SO GOOD for you) and inspired by the actions of others, I’ll also have more interesting insight to share for my diary.

P.S. I love discovering new blogs – does anyone have any suggestions?


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