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I try not to address political issues because it doesn’t feel appropriate. I omit religious topics because I’m not qualified to discuss spiritual beliefs in an informed manner. I realize that sadness isn’t always negative but I embrace happiness and try to find the good. Today all of that becomes very difficult.

In the wake of three separate attacks in France, Tunisia, and Kuwait, the world seems a little bit dimmer. The issues are complicated and I won’t even attempt to delve into them here but I will say that my heart is heavy and I mourn the loss of all who died today.

Today also marks the funeral of Reverend Clementa Pinckney, who was violently murdered in the Charleston shooting, an act fuelled by hate and racism. It is a devastating reminder of how much needs to change.

In some ways all of these events make me feel hopeless, questioning the point of all this suffering. I honestly don’t know. What I do understand is that we need to keep going. In a world that feels so chaotic and beyond our control, we need to make small improvements in any way we can. We need to make things better for ourselves and for others. We need to care for our health mentally, physically, and spiritually. We need to care for others. We need to combat hate using love. That is the only thing of which I am certain.

Let the darkness of this day serve as a reminder of all the light that is possible.

I do apologize for deviating from the regular tone and content today but rest assured this space remains committed to inclusivity and won’t become a sounding board for my political views. However, there are days that pass by, events that occur that are impossible to ignore.


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  1. Imagine if you had waited hours to write this: you could have written about the US making gay marriage legal everywhere! It just goes to show that you should be less timely with things….

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    1. Duly noted. But you know, the SCOTUS decision and marriage equality only goes to show that in the end, love wins thus underscoring what I wrote.


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