Well Now

Running Diary, Week 11: Excuse Post #10,034,402,859

I’m so embarrassed by my lack of productivity I won’t even bother with an excuse. I’ve been sedentary lately and it’s all catching up with me now. While I don’t look any different my body hurts and I feel bloated. It sucks and it’s my fault. I’m dragging myself out for a few runs this week and need to get back into my yoga routine before I turn into a big blob for good. The next week will be challenging but it’s nobody’s fault but mine. Wish me luck (or don’t because I don’t deserve it). Sigh.


2 thoughts

  1. I haven’t exercised in four months. But I did have a dream last night where you saw me and said I didn’t look that blobby, so you had better say that in real life when I’m back. I might say the same to you.


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