Back to Basics

In terms of blogging, September has not gotten off to a good start. I won’t say too much at the moment (a girl has to have her secrets) but there are a lot of changes in store and these changes have kept me busy and are monopolizing my time, which is why my attendance has been spotty lately. Anyway, I apologize – partially to you, the readers, but also to myself because I genuinely love blogging and feel like I’ve been missing out lately. The one thing I will say is that I’m excited about these plans and have set out a number of goals, some of which pertain to this blog exclusively and others extending to aspects of my life outside the web. I’ll be sharing the first of these new developments later and I’ll have to find a way to balance everything to avoid flooding you with posts. I apologize in advance if you’re getting several updates from me but it won’t always be this way. Many of these changes are starting up over the next week or two so my schedule will still be a little unpredictable for this time but things should settle after that and I can reestablish my routine, which I’m looking forward to right now.

I’m looking forward to welcoming a bit of stability because this constantly changing schedule has wreaked havoc on my blogging and it’s also affected my cooking and daily routine. Lately at home, the only thing we’ve managed to do is the bare minimum. Since our fridge is stocked primarily with fruits and vegetables, our diet and nutrition hasn’t taken too much of a hit but our meals are fairly basic and we’ve been relying  heavily on the familiar: pasta sauces, vegetable soups, salads, grains and sauteed vegetables. It’s not too bad because as I wrote earlier, the focus of this month is eating cleaner and healthier so I’m accomplishing something on that front. Truthfully though, it can get a bit boring after awhile which is why I’d like to introduce everyone to my little secret: The Flavor Bible.

For us,
For us, “The Flavour Bible” is considered a modern classic and occupies a prized spot in our collection

Although it’s categorized under the food and cooking section, “The Flavour Bible” is less a cook book in the traditional sense -you won’t find any recipes here – and more a food and culinary guide. Instead of precise instructions and exact measurements, what you have is an extensive reference guide outlining the most important facets of 100s of ingredients, ranging from their seasonal availability to their most common preparation styles, and of course, their tastiest combinations. Some of these pairings are expected but also listed in among the more popular and expected suggestions (listed as flavor affinities) are some delightful surprises (tomatoes and horseradish; tomatoes and lavender!). The book also delves into different types of oils, spices, and provides some suggestions for favourite recipes, although you’ll have to look those up separately. Coming in at 380 pages, this tome is a treasure trove of information and deserves a comprehensive read through.

For us, it’s been helpful because it’s allowed us to be inventive with some of our tried and true favourites, swapping in certain ingredients for others, sometimes for fun and other times because we’ve run out of what we need. It allows us to rely on the ingredients and techniques we’re most familiar with and provides us a quick little cheat sheet for new ideas. The book is a wonderful resource and I would encourage everyone – whether you’re a novice or more experienced – to take a look through because I think there’s a lot to be learned from this work.


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