You Can Do It! Goal Setting, Blogger’s Edition

I apologize if this isn’t what you signed up for and I’m figuring out a way to keep this relatively self-contained, so please bear with me and thank you for your continued patience because we’re going to take a major detour from our regular content and get to a bit of blogging business. (My Canadian is showing; I’ve drafted this post three times and can’t help myself from starting with an apology, sorry.)

So on to the issue at hand.

OK, I’ll begin by officially cementing my status as a dorky lame-o: I love setting goals. In the back of my day planner I keep lists of goals I want to achieve – some are short term (monthly) and others are a bit longer – but they’re all there, in their colour coordinated glory. I’ve even started creating vision boards, although with a slightly less frantic fervour. The point is, I like knowing where I’m going and being accountable for the things I do.

Goal setting is also important for another reason: it forces you to figure out what you want. For some of us, we’re too focused on the big picture to recognize all the small but important things we need to accomplish in the process. We want to get from here to there but don’t realize the several stops in between. For other people, we can become fixated on each of the individual steps of the process without understanding where we’re going and what we’re building in the long run. It’s fine to enjoy the journey and take it as it comes but goals can provide a loose road map, gently nudging you in the direction you need to go.

The reason I bring all of this up is that I’ve signed up for a two-week blogging course and for our first assignment we’re supposed to list out our goals and what we hope to accomplish through our blogs. In other words, we’re supposed to be defining the metrics of success. I’ve always been quite candid from the outset about what my intentions are (create a health and wellness resource as well as a community of support) but I haven’t been very specific, so here it goes, here are my three goals:

  1. LONG TERM – Build a community by increasing my readership: This is vague I know but what I’ve maintained from the beginning is that I want to create a community and I don’t have a specific number of readers in mind. What will that community look like? – is it 100,000? 10,000? Or just 10? I’m not certain but as long as my work is valuable and I get feedback that it is as well, I’ll count it as a success. It’s more a feeling that I’m looking for, one where readers share their insights and experiences, where we’re able to contribute information, and support one another along the way.
  2. MEDIUM TERM (is that even the proper phrase? My gut says no) – Introduce a new and regular feature to the blog by the end of the year: Currently the unofficial feature schedule includes food posts on Monday, a wellness journal in the form of my running diary on Wednesdays, and then my own journal/therapy session/a check in on Fridays. I’m happy about that but I’m looking to add another regular, sustainable feature to the mix. The reason I’ve listed this as a medium term goal (3 months) is that I want to find something that excites me enough to write about regularly and that’s going to take some research and hard work.
  3. SHORT TERM – Get to know my neighbours: Obviously I won’t be able to meet and know everyone but I’m going to devote an hour a day over the next two-weeks getting to know other people and their blogs. While I love reading blogs I usually get into a rut very quickly and only visit the same handful of sites but during this time, I’m going to get out there and explore.

There we are, my three goals. And once again, I’m sorry if I’m flooding your feed; I’ll figure out a way to compartmentalize these posts.

Keep reaching and you can do it!: As is with most things, when in doubt I'll share a photo of my dog to illustrate my point.
Keep reaching and you can do it!: As is with most things, when in doubt I’ll share a photo of my dog to illustrate my point.

4 thoughts

    1. I love SMART and was introduced to it in my communications program but obviously for this exercise I wasn’t nearly as precise as I should have been, so thank you for returning my attention to that. I’ll certainly need to rework and refine my goals but it’s always nice to start somewhere.


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