It’s Not Even a Race

Running Diary, Week 16: And I’m so excited

I haven’t trained at all this week and I think it’ll be quite apparent when I fumble my way through the Terry Fox Run but that’s OK, I’m still really looking forward to it. When last Sunday rolled around I started to feel a bit of anxiety but with each day I’m growing increasingly more excited and the anxiety is subsiding. The run isn’t timed; I can take as much or as little time as I need to complete it. It’s the fact that I’m doing it that matters and it feels so great to belong to a community.

The only thing I can’t wrap my mind around is this: if this is what I’m feeling in advance of a charity fun run/walk how on earth do people manage their nerves before a marathon!? Every time I think I’ve figured runners and the running mentality out, I learn something new and it throws me for a loop.

Me and my cheerleaders!
Me and my cheerleaders!

4 thoughts

  1. Good luck on your run! I would love to be a runner but I haven’t found the passion needed to put up with all the pain! Lol. My sister is a triathlete and ran the NYC marathon last year. I applaud her tenacity and dedication. Happy running! 😉


    1. Thank you! I’m not really a runner myself and this whole series has been chronicling my ups and downs with the sport. I have to say that while I admire athletes of any kind I’m discovering that runners are a special breed unto themselves and I’m not sure if it’s dedication or insanity that drives them (haha I’m only kidding). As for your sister, I haven’t even met her and I’m impressed – the NYC marathon is no easy feat!


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