CSA Week 02: What do I doooo?!

I’ve seen all of these vegetables before… but have I prepared them? Have I even eaten them before??


From left to right:

Celery – I have to admit I didn’t think it was going to be so big/bushy. I will probably eat this plain and raw because I am lazy. The alternative is to take these and the limp carrots from last week (they wouldn’t be limp if I hadn’t been too lazy to wash and cut them for a week) and make chili, but we already know I won’t be doing that. The only other way I know how to eat celery is “ants on a log” that children apparently eat.

Cantaloupe – Sigh. I still have the one from last week. I love melons when they’re prepared for me, but now I’m going to have to use a cleaver for the first time and clean the seeds out and chop it all. Usually my parents just deal with the watermelon and I sneak in to steal slices. I have gained no further knowledge on what to do with cantaloupes since last week and will eat this raw. Well, both of them. (In one sitting?)

Radishes – I have had a slice of radish once in a salad in 2010. I do not remember what they tasted like. Are they usually eaten raw? Do you… roast radishes because they resemble beets? What are they supposed to taste like at their best?

Kohlrabi – ????????????????????????????

Orange peppers – I will probably eat these raw too. Partially because that’s how I like them best, primarily because I am lazy and uncreative in the kitchen.

Everybody should go buy these things over the weekend and tell me how to cook them or else I will eat them all raw out of the strainer they’re currently in. Also, I’m going apple picking on Saturday, so those seem to be in season as well.


3 thoughts

  1. Im not sure what happened to the last comment so sorry if this shows up twice. Celery is great chopped up in anything really. I put it in stir-fry and other tomato based dishes.
    Radishes I adore and just east raw out of the fridge lol. They have a peppery taste I think and should be crisp and juicy. Can’t help on any recipes as they never last that long.


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