CSA PSA 03: I’ve seen you around…

Less exciting, equally troublesome. (Yvonne: Because I want to minimize food waste, and it’s kinda sad to see my sister struggle so much, I’m offering a few suggestions.)

DSC_1070Left to right:

  • Arugula – all I know is salad or wilting it in pasta (Annette, you LOVE pizza so can always make an arugula and prosciutto flatbread like the one here or one with arugula, pear and blue cheese)
  • Fennel – … >:{ ?????? (If your kohlrabi is still in good shape, try this salad and report back. Two birds, one stone. Or rather two vegetables and one recipe).
  • Beets – only good roasted and when done by somebody else (Anything listed here but you know me, roasted beets with goat cheese is the way to go)
  • Onion – into the fridge with my other onions to be forgotten about
  • Tomato – sit with the other tomatoes that are waiting to be used (Make a pasta sauce and include your onions, tomatoes, and celery!)
  • Kabocha – ???? Apparently it’s like squash and delicious and can be pickled, but still, ????? ( Another twofer – kabocha and arugula as seen here)

Follow up from past CSA things:

  • I cut up my first (of two) cantaloupes the other night. It was delicious and easy, but I ate it in one sitting, in the dark, in my underwear. It does not have to be consumed that way. (Thanks for all those details)
  • … since last week, none of the vegetables have moved from that strainer in my fridge, BUT I think I’m going to roast everything, including the radishes and kohlrabi. No thanks on how to use the vegetables to you guys.

Basically, every Thursday we can expect a lot of confusion and question marks from me, with little to no progress on how to use vegetables in season.


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