Raspberry Everything + My Leafy Green Update

September was a blink and you’ll miss it kind of month and I can hardly believe that by this time next week we’ll be into October. Seriously, what happened? My month of eating well and focusing on leafy greens has been going smoothly but there’s not really all that much to report. In other words, it’s super boring. I haven’t been as adventurous as I had hoped and instead am sticking to the tried and true. I sauteed some greens I had with garlic and chilies, accidentally adding too many chilies and making it far too spicy for most humans, I’ve been revisiting my favourite kale salads, and incorporating greens into our staples (D added a literal bunch of baby spinach into our latest batch of tomato sauce and it was wonderful). However, I have yet to make my favourite rice and kale bowl (the dish itself is fairly straightforward and it compliments several different flavour profiles so add all the toppings you love and it will be delicious). I haven’t made any soups yet and even more surprisingly, I haven’t really gotten back into my smoothie routine which is shocking because there was a period of time when I had smoothies religiously, with them making up my breakfast and sometimes lunch. To change things around, last Friday I dragged my mom to a local farm so that we could pick raspberries because I figured that some fresh fruit would inspire me to blend more and fortunately it has but not for the reason I imagined.

Raspberry picking

I feel like I’ve been spending a lot of time at farms lately and am truly beginning to understand how much work goes into growing crops and how many resources it requires. Eliminating food waste has never been more important to me. With that being said, I have no idea what came over me when I got into the raspberry fields last week because I went nuts and picked everything in sight. Like everything. (I was so disappointed when I left because I realized that I had missed an entire field of AMBER RASPBERRIES but my mom said we had too many already.) If you know raspberries, you know they don’t have a particularly long shelf life and since I don’t make jam, I have been having raspberry everything, especially raspberry based smoothies, to which I always make it a point to add some spinach or kale. So here we are, a list of my favourite smoothie resources:

This recipe is probably the easiest one I’ve found to date and 9/10 times I already have all the ingredients I need in my kitchen. It’s my go-to and I’ve been adding raspberries lately (obviously) but you can supplement whatever fruit you have on hand. The recipe doesn’t actually call for berries of any variety and even if you don’t add additional fruit, it’s delicious but since I usually have some berries around, I throw them in.

If you’re loving the raspberry angle, here’s my favourite one lately but I have to warn you, it’s loaded with quite a bit of sugar so it’s more a treat rather than a regular staple. I’ll also swap out the sugar for a bit more fruit or even more delicious, maple syrup. Seriously though it’s dangerously good so be wary of how often you consume this one; my sugar highs (and lows) are not pretty.

Moving away from the raspberry-centric, if you’re looking for a few more green smoothie ideas that put a stronger emphasis on the greens and less on the fruit, here are some resources here and here and here. I’ve included a link to my favourite vegan site and even if you don’t subscribe to veganism, there are a lot of great ideas there. The biggest jump between vegan and non-vegan smoothies is the exclusion of cow’s milk, which isn’t that significant to me because I think I prefer the many different nut milk options anyway and as an added bonus they’re lactose-free, which is helpful for people with allergies and sensitivities.

Finally, if you’re a pro and just looking for a bit of inspiration or to step up your game, here’s a great resource that links you to more inspiration.

Happy blending!

Also, l’ll try to explore some more leafy green recipes this week and hopefully share my findings next week. To end things off, here are a few of my favourite photos from last week.


Indian Corn


Red Dahlia


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