CSA PSA 04: Beautiful, yes, but what can you DO?

I’d like to point out that for once, I actually have cooked the vegetables I have received from the CSA. Obviously not all of them – I am overwhelmed with vegetables – but I have finally eaten some.

DSC_1072On a whim, I bought brussel sprouts, even though for the past decade I have defended that I HATE them. With nobody’s help, I have converted and love them now. So I roasted brussel sprouts, carrots, radishes (they were alright), and kohlrabi in oil, salt, pepper, lemon juice, and rosemary. I was very happy and roasting vegetables always makes me feel like I’m both a proper adult and real chef. Radishes and kohlrabi were alright. Not much to report on them. Not bad, but I didn’t fall in love either. I think we’ll just be friends, but I’m perfectly happy when they’re invited to things.

Not bad, eh? The first post in four weeks that I’ve been able to say I’ve cooked.

This week is a visit from old friends, with two new white friends and another purple:


We’ve seen lettuce and carrots before, I think from the first week.

Two apples are there, and while I haven’t gotten them from the CSA before, I do have a 3 lb. bag from apple picking that I’m chomping away at.

Kohlrabi has made an appearance again, somewhat unexpectedly… The option was either one kohlrabi or one fennel, and seeing as the fennel from last week is still sitting in its bag because I don’t know what to do with it… I chose kohlrabi. It’s going into another pan to roast with some friends, it looks like.

And then… we have eggplant… Yvonne’s new best friend… who I’ve always hated, and unlike brussel sprouts, I don’t think things are going to be changing any time soon…

And turnips… Hmm… I was going to throw the leaves away, but apparently like radish greens, you can eat them too. So we’ll see what thing I make with those. I’ve already torn them off (I thought I was so good at prepping turnips) so I’ll have to eat them soon.

And daikon. Well.

I think everything is going into a roast. I have two beets from last week, a whole thing of carrots, onions, fennel, daikon, and turnips. That’s what we’re talking about when we say “root vegetables”, right? Honestly, it’s a thing that I always say that I love roasted root vegetables in the Fall and Winter, but that’s often because Yvonne’s husband loves cooking and makes honey glazed roasted carrots; it never had anything to do with me cooking vegetables.

Seriously, I have so much produce in my fridge. If I were a normal, functioning adult who ate as much and healthily as they were supposed to, this still might be a lot… How am I supposed to be able to order pizza with all this fresh produce lurking around?


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