I’m back at home and for this and next week, I’m getting friends to pick up my CSA vegetables. I want to say Thank goodness they’re someone elses problem, but then I saw what my friend got yesterday :(((


I LOVE garlic and I would have been so happy to get local stuff. I try to buy the farmers stuff anyway, but seriously, picking up from a CSA makes you feel so good, like a mix of being healthy and those self-pats on the back when you’re a little kind to strangers.

As we know, I’ve gotten into brussel sprouts (I made my mom buy some for the roasted vegetables we’re having this weekend. Apparently I can’t get enough roasted vegetables), and I’m really curious to see how my friend will use them.

I say I love winter squash, but that’s also due to my experience of my mom and Yvonne’s husband cooking it. I’ve never had a strong enough knife or patience to cut through squash, but I can say I do love to eat it roasted or in soup.

Eggplants… Well, I’m glad they’re my friend’s problem this weekend (but I think Yvonne will try to get me to love them eventually).

And celeriac…Wikipedia says it’s celery root and honestly, I would care into looking more into it, but again, NOT MY PROBLEM! It’s a hideous version of kolhrabi and I want nothing to do with it.

The only reason I was able to identify the hideous ball vegetable

Don’t be too surprised, but I used up last week’s vegetables in yet another roasting pan. One for the winter root vegetables: carrots, parsnip, turnip, and beets. Turnip leaves can be eaten, just like radish leaves, and it looks like generally people boil them. I put them into a pot of noodles in soup I was having and they tasted just like Chinese vegetables. I was so ready to get into buying turnips, but I was at the grocery store with my mom earlier and turnips seem to be sold individually and with the leaves removed. Maybe if you go to Whole Foods or Longo’s you can get them intact?


The other pan was eggplant (not sold on it), orange peppers, red onion, half a kohlrabi, maybe something else, and fennel. I don’t really like fennel and Yvonne said she asked around, and nobody on earth does either.

And I realized that I should have tried kohlrabi raw, since everyone said that that’s one of the ways you can eat it. You know how they say that you should never salt/pepper your food before you’ve tried it? I feel like you should try everything raw (As long as it isn’t poisonous) to get a sense of what it actually tastes like. Everyone likened kohlrabi to a little bit of apple and a little bit of broccoli stem. I love both of those things, and while raw kohlrabi is an okay version of both, it’s really… just… okay.


I’m so glad I don’t have to cook for myself for the next week and a half. We’re roasting vegetables for Thanksgiving this weekend, and while it’s largely the normal things like carrot, onion, parsnip, and peppers, we’re throwing in brussel sprouts (my insistence) and also granny smith apples, as the recipe suggests. I’m rather excited to see how the roasted apples will turn out and will definitely keep you posted.


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