Out of the Woods

This is just a quick check in/apology post for being so negligent this week. It’s been busy, in a good way, which is why I have sadly left this blog unattended. I promise that I have lots of ideas stewing though and it’s only a matter of sitting down and getting them all out. I’ll be writing this weekend (it’s Thanksgiving!) but only when I’m not stuffing my face, hanging out with my family and friends, and working on my ten million other projects. Uhh. Actually come to think of it, I might not be writing that much after all.

Lookout Point
Rattlesnake Point, Milton, Canada.

Annette came back late Wednesday to help prep for Thanksgiving and naturally, I distracted everyone and dragged her and my mom out for a hike yesterday to enjoy the fall weather. It’s been a little cool lately but the weather was perfect for being outside and the dogs loved being able to run along the trails. It was nice not only to spend time with my family but also emotionally prepare ourselves for this weekend: the first official family holiday without my dad. It’s a big weekend and we have lots of good news to be celebrating but I know it’ll still be difficult. Anyway, the hike seemed to have done me some good and in case anyone has any doubts, fresh air and exercise works miracles on clearing a cluttered mind, and if you’ll bear with me for a moment, does wonders for your spirit. Truthfully, I can’t believe we’re already here.

Three tries and this is the best we could do.
Three tries and this is the best we could do.

N.B: Apologies for the heavy-handed title – I saw Taylor Swift with my best friend last weekend and now “1989” has been on repeat at my house for nearly seven days. My husband is counting down the minutes until I grow sick of it and move on to my next obsession. I promise him I won’t ever move on but secretly I know that I’ve only got a few more plays before I totally lose my mind.


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