CSA PSA 06: I didn’t know you had a season, to be honest

This is the second last week of my CSA PSA (I didn’t realize there are eight weeks, not ten, and forgot that I missed the first week), and second week of getting someone else to pick up my vegetables. Celeriac is back and thank goodness that, again, it is not my problem!!


  • Spaghetti squash – a pretty normal thing, I think. I don’t really cook with squash and I have no proper reason for it (I brought home the kabocha and it remains on the counter. My mom says she’ll cook it somehow when I go back to Montreal, but that her sisters have raved about it before. Y’all should give it a try even though I didn’t.) Yvonne said that people use spaghetti squash in place of spaghetti if they avoid carbs, so that’s a thing to try, I guess.
  • Garlic – They had better give me a garlic next week…
  • Kale – With how much people talk about kale, I never actually thought about it having a season; it was a magical leafy green that existed perpetually. Well, it turns out that its season is now, so you should feel extra good about stocking up on it now. But I think two weeks ago, I was complaining to my friends about how I really am not big on kale, except for when Yvonne makes it in a simple salad (kale + a nut + a dried berry + something else + olive oil, sea salt, freshly ground pepper) or when my friend makes kale chips (kale drizzled in olive oil, salt, pepper, and toasted in the oven). (I guess those two ways are on opposite ends of the healthy ways to eat kale…) But mostly I hate it because it’s tough and rubbery and bitter and no better than spinach that I actually like. Again, thank goodness it’s not mine this week.
  • Celeriac – my friend said she’ll try to turn it into a soup or something. I always like to think she has some secret, magical recipes for Jewish food and that she’ll even turn this nasty-looking thing into a delicious soup.
  • Carrots – love ’em, but goodness, week after week? They take all summer to grow and then you have to eat an entire field of them for the entire next season.
I will never get used to celeriac.

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