CSA PSA 07: The vegetables we know and love

YESSSSSS no celeriac!!!

But also no garlic.

One friend turned celeriac into a soup: originally it was supposed to only be celeriac, but she added carrot to it too, because who just wants celery-flavoured soup? She did the usual of peeling, chopping, boiling, blending, and eating, and she actually really liked it. Also, she cooked up the kale with garlic and loved that too. Man, autumn cooking is the best.

Both girls cooked up their squashes (butternut and spaghetti) the usual way of chopping in half, roasting in pan, etc. The spaghetti squash was used in the spaghetti way, i.e. tossed with tomato sauce with garlic, onion, meat, etc. She’s always eaten it this way, saying that also the spaghetti squash is meant to be the carb-free option of spaghetti, but she always ate it with a loaf of bread anyway, and I think that’s much more my style (eat all the things, rather than substitute one thing for another).

Although I asked my friends to pick up my vegetables as favours while I was away, both of them actually thanked me for it because it forced them to cook outside their comfort zones, if only for a week. I understand that we’re “supposed” to participate in CSAs because of benefits to eating locally and to what’s in season, but the biggest aspect or byproduct of it has been having to eat things we normally wouldn’t think of eating, even though they’re very “normal” things to eat.

This week, however, is almost entirely within my comfort zone:


  • Cabbage – at home, we dumped cabbage into hot pot to be boiled, or just boil it… which is probably what I will do… But for Yvonne’s birthday this year, she made a slaw out of red cabbage (among other things) for our fish tacos, which I could also do (except boiling is so much easier).
  • Potatoes – Another thing that I didn’t actually thought had a season. I… will probably roast these too… Honestly, I should be more adventurous things. But potatoes! Wash, slice, season, put in oven! Home fries! Smashed! Nothing special, always delicious.
  • Pepper – I wish it was a spicy pepper, but it’s just one sweet green bell pepper, so that’s probably going to get eaten raw
  • Butternut squash – At home, my mom makes soup… You can roast them (what a surprise of a suggestion, coming from me)…. Um… I have no creative answers for this one, but I do know it’s delicious
  • Carrots – You would think that after two months of getting these almost every week I’d have a better idea of what to do with carrots, but I really don’t. I don’t have a blender either, so I’m definitely not going to be making soups any time soon.

I’ve really loved being a part of McGill’s CSA and I think for $120, I’ve gotten SO much food for 8 weeks. I didn’t actually have to go grocery shopping for produce, and just had to go every now and then for things like bread and eggs and frozen lasagnas, i.e. essentials. If I knew I was going to be in Montreal next year, I would definitely sign up again. If I was with my family, I’d definitely buy a whole basket (especially because I think they get a couple of extra weeks).

I think one of the best parts has been seeing what’s actually in season other than root vegetables and I think I’ll have an idea for the future what I can buy in the fall. Before I just knew apples and squash were now, and berries and corn and fun sweet things were in the summer.

Also, it’s relieving to know that the carrots that farmers grow will turn out just as wonky and with little hairs as mine in my gardens do.


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