Death by Kayla

I borrowed the title of this post from a tag on social media without realizing how menacing it sounded without context. So, here’s the context:

Since we met last week I’ve started a new workout routine – Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide – and even though I’m only a few days into the program I am confident that I’ve made a good decision, although it doesn’t actually feel like it when I’m doing my workouts. The exercises in the guide aren’t exactly new – you can find them in other training and fitness programs – but the sequences are challenging and it’s all laid out in an easy to follow manner. Additionally, I appreciate the fact that many of the exercises use your body weight to provide resistance, eliminating the need for a lot of equipment and making the workout very portable. Above all, the workouts get you moving and make you work HARD, which is what I want out of my training.

This is the closest I'll come to posting a bikini photo of myself on the internet, regardless of what shape I'm in.
This is the closest I’ll come to posting a bikini photo of myself on the internet, regardless of what shape I’m in.

Currently, I’m following the four week pre-training program rather than heading straight into the full BBG routines. Even though I’ve been working out somewhat regularly lately, I didn’t think I was prepared for the full program and wanted to ease myself into the process. I’m grateful that I chose to proceed cautiously because this isn’t my first time trying the BBG program and I know the challenges that lay ahead. I had attempted the program earlier this year and didn’t do a particularly good job, which then discouraged me from going back. However, after following Kayla’s instagram account and seeing so many other women work hard, persevering over their own issues, I decided to give it another try, this time with a bit more consideration. In doing the the pre-training I still feel challenged but it’s manageable and I’m able to build up my strength and confidence equally. To overlook the mental component of physical training would be foolish; if you’re mind isn’t prepared, you’re going to have a hard time.

I consider this a bikini photo in that I'm wearing one underneath my life jacket...
I consider this a bikini photo in that I’m wearing one underneath my life jacket…

As evidenced by Kayla’s instagram account, yes, many of the women who use the guides have flat stomachs, toned arms and legs, and a generally svelte figure but in spite of it’s name, the Bikini Body Guide isn’t a program that advocates for one specific body type – the elusive bikini body, whatever that may be – it embraces all shapes and forms. The only goal this program has is helping you achieve a body that is healthy, fit, strong, and makes you feel confident. If you’re interested, you can download a one week trial workout here and give BBG a try before investing in the full package. I’m telling you this is a tough workout (my arms are shaking after doing my workout this morning) but as I’ve said before, if it doesn’t challenge you then it doesn’t change you. In the end you may find that this system isn’t what you’re looking for but it’s certainly worth a shot. If you end up giving it a try, let me know your thoughts!


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    1. Thank you! I’m on to week three and so far I’m loving it. What’s more is that the BBG community is wonderfully supportive and I’m so glad I decided to join 🙂

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