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I told you things were going to be different this week. As an exercise for one of my courses (I’m taking so many I can’t remember which one), we were told to write a post for our ideal reader as a means of figuring out who our primary audience is. I played around with a few different ideas for formatting but ultimately settled on this: a note that I would send to a friend (a note that I have probably already sent to one of my friends, IRL). I hope today’s post communicates the goals I have for this space, the things that are going through my head, and ultimately gives you a better sense of the person I am. I think at the end of it, what I want is to make friends, build a community, and bring change even in the smallest way. I hope you enjoy!



Sorry I’ve been such a flake lately; you know me, I get into something and then suddenly I lose sight of everything else including dates and time. After all these years you would think I’d have a better idea of how my mind works. Still, it’s no excuse for going M.I.A – sorry. How are you? Tell me!

Anyway, I wanted to let you know what I’ve been up to lately, what I’ve been doing that’s consumed all my focus. I want to say that everything is exciting but the reality is that there’s a lot of routine in my daily schedule. I have to admit that I like having a bit of certainty in an otherwise chaotic life though; some would call this balance. I’ll tell you about the exciting stuff in due time but for now, I’ll let you know what I’m doing on the reg. (Annette keeps making me feel old so Imma use some slang to pretend to be young.)

I’ve been working on my cooking a lot lately. It’s still not great but I’m learning and experimenting; it’s actually kind of fun when you give it a chance. I’ll let you know which recipes work and which don’t but please don’t hold me to anything because I’m a lot like you, someone that’s new to all of this. I’m just putting myself out there and being the taste tester and while I won’t burn down the kitchen, I’m also not winning any Michelin stars soon. To counteract all this eating I’ve started focusing on my fitness again, not strictly to look good when summer comes or when I go travelling but mostly for my health. You know how I usually go on and on about health and wellness? Well, I won’t get into right this moment but it’s important to me, especially now.

Other than that I’m spending a lot of time with my friends and family (the dogs are my little shadows now), reading, and generally working through my own stuff which is why I appreciate you being here for me all the time. I won’t gush too much and I promise I won’t get too personal here but if you want, send me a message and we can catch up? I can let you know more but you just have to tell me or else I’ll ramble forever.

OK, I’m going to go now but let me know what you’re doing and we can exchange notes that way.

You’re the best but you already knew it.


P.S. I’m going to send you photos I took of the dogs and all my goofy pictures whether you like it or not! Hahaha …

These two do the grossest things but I love them.
These two do the grossest things but I love them.
My two favourite things are these photo cut out boards (what are they actually called?) and oversized monuments that claim to be the "World's Biggest"
My two favourite things are these photo cut out boards (what are they actually called?) and oversized monuments that claim to be the “World’s Biggest”
Aren't we COOL?
Aren’t we COOL?

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    1. Hahaha you know as much as I would like to deny it, I think you’ve probably got a good point! Thanks for the Friday giggle and also for checking out this post.

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