(Over) Indulgence

I was supposed to get back into a regular routine upon my return from India but honestly, the last two weeks have gone by in a haze. Although I didn’t suffer from jet lag as much as I thought I would and can’t blame anything on my sleep schedule, the re-adjustment period was rough, and only made worse by D’s illness (nothing serious, he’s feeling much better now). Amongst a whole host of issues, I’m not feeling the greatest myself – lethargic on a daily basis, restless in a more existentialist way, and anxious – so I’m looking to make a few changes which hopefully will put me back on track, at least physically speaking. I started working out again, which I’ll write about next week but for now I’ll tackle the topic of food.


I’m lucky that I come from a family of good eaters; we’ll try almost anything once. This attitude came in particularly useful during our travels in India and we were able to navigate the culinary landscape with relative ease. D and I elected to eat vegetarian for the duration of our stay and the wonderful thing about travelling to this region is that with a large local vegetarian population, vegetarianism is an easy choice to make with many flavourful options, and we didn’t feel like we missed out on anything. However, with that being said, when you’re eating only cooked vegetarian food from hotels and restaurants, the health benefits are not as abundant as they would first seem. Often, what you end up with is food that is too oily,  with too many spices and seasoning and too much sodium. Don’t get me wrong, it tastes great but it’s not that great for you. To most people, my regular diet at home errs on the side of bland and such a drastic change upset my system and wreaked havoc on my skin, which I’m still dealing with. Aside from the cosmetic concerns, these pimply monsters are telling me that my system is out of balance and that I need to recalibrate.

OK, so the beer probably didn’t help either.

While I’ve abandoned cleanses and restrictive diets I’m going to try and get back into a healthier routine, cooking more and eating out less, returning to my seasonal food challenges (cranberries were great by the way, sorry for a lack of follow up), and I’m going to look into foods that have more healing properties.Don’t be alarmed, I promise you it won’t be anything drastic; all I mean is that I’ll focus on foods that are known to have healing properties that are good for your health, e.g., garlic, ginger, things commonly categorized as super foods, and hopefully I’ll be able to integrate them into my diet in the long term.

Through my travels to India I’ve developed a much stronger desire to eat vegetarian because honestly, I really enjoy it. Moreover, I find myself wanting to cook at home more frequently and fresh food, particularly fruits and vegetables have never tasted as good. I’m hoping to ride this wave of goodness and make it part of my every day life before old habits return (I’m already eating out way more frequently than when I first got back and wanted only to eat at home, proof below). As always, if you have any ideas or suggestions I would love to hear it!




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