Changing My Mind

Annette and I decided to implement some revisions to the blog recently because as we approach the first anniversary of this space, it felt as if it needed a little updating to better reflect who we are and what we do. At the top of our list of things to-do was figuring out what to call ourselves, and so moving forward, we’ll be known as Changing My Mind rather than Starts with Them. The rebranding strategy isn’t particularly elegant and we’ll be doing things in phases but it feels right.

When I started writing last year, just two weeks after the loss of my dad, I kept clinging to things that felt familiar. Writing posts about my experience and my dad felt like tribute and the constant act of remembering made me feel like I was honouring his memory. At the time there was a song – “Starts with them, ends with us” – that had gotten me through a few particularly rough days and as an homage to the song, and those last few weeks with my dad, naming the blog Starts with Them felt fitting, so I ran with it. However, as this space has grown and morphed, it no longer feels relevant to our experiences or even the content and character of the blog. I’m ready to move on.

Furthermore, in reading a few of our posts, it’s fairly evident that Annette and I write often about bereavement and mental health, which – as you guessed it – are constantly changing. What we want to show is that change is natural, particularly when it comes to mental health and bereavement. As we approach a number of firsts (one year since the loss of my dad, one year since the birth of this blog, and today – what would have been his 60th birthday – our first year not celebrating his birthday)  Annette and I are revisiting memories and reconsidering everything we’ve gone through from a different perspective. Although some things haven’t changed at all, others have and that’s one thing we’re learning: you keep going, adapting, and growing.





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