In the Land of Ice and Cold

I’ve been travelling quite a bit lately, at least by my standards, and over the last six months, D and I have visited Europe, India, and most recently Iceland, which seems to be the place to goAnd why not?

The city of Reykjavik is an incredible gem: the people are friendly, the city is easy to navigate, and there seems to be a surprise at every turn (in a good way).




The Ring Road which brings you to the Golden Circle and along the South Coast is jaw-dropping with the highway opening up to some of the most majestic scenery you can imagine. Driving through the mountains and past the waterfalls, it feels other worldly and you’re transported, if only temporarily, to a magical place.







However, the thing I love most about Iceland (or at least our visit to Iceland) is that the beauty of the natural environment not only allows you to get outside and DO SOMETHING, it also inspires and encourages you. Over the course of our six day visit, my friends and I spent the majority of our time walking, climbing, and exploring. Even on our driving days, getting from one city to the next, we were able to be outside and keep active while surrounded by the rocks, trees, and fresh air. Coming back from Iceland is the first time in my adult life that I’ve suffered from post-vacation blues.

The reason I bring this up is to challenge you to do two things:

  1. Get up and move more often. Many of us know that we need to exercise 30 minutes each day and while that’s a vital first step to staying healthy, we also need to sit less.At home and work, it can sometimes be difficult to find time to get up and stretch especially if you work in an office setting. Sometimes, in a fit of inspiration, hours can fly by without you noticing but it’s important to allow yourself a break. There are lots of  elaborate desk exercises (deskercise?) you can easily find on the internet but if you’re not up for that, make sure you at least get up and take a short walk to get your heart pumping and blood circulating.

    While in Iceland, even on our driving days we never sat for too long and we would take breaks from being in the car to go exploring, if only off the side of the highway. All of those little movements added up and my best friend and her husband, who both have Fitbits, easily met and surpassed their goals each day. Even if you’re not counting your steps or working towards a specific goal, getting up and moving around can be helpful in clearing your mind and gaining a bit of perspective on that problem you’ve been working on.

    Since coming home, I have to admit that I’m falling back into old habits but I’m working on it!

  2. Take a chance – sometimes, you just have to jump into things. My best friend and I had been planning this trip to Iceland for years and years but the timing never seemed right and so we continually postponed our adventure. This winter we decided to bite the bullet and book our trip and I couldn’t be happier. Iceland was easily one of the best trips I’ve taken and now I have become the resident Iceland enthusiast, giving tips and travel advice to anyone that will listen.

    Taking a chance means different things to different people. I’m not saying that everyone drop their responsibilities and travel (if you can, more power to you) but too often, we worry about the things that could happen or might happen and we hold ourselves back so that in the end, nothing happens. If there’s something you’ve been wanting to do, take a look and if there’s nothing really holding you back then go for it.

(If anyone wants to talk Iceland travel – let me know! We’re already planning a return visit)



2 thoughts

    1. You definitely should! We went at the end of March/beginning of April during the non-peak season so it wasn’t quite as busy as the summer but it was spectacular none the less. If you have even the smallest inkling to visit Iceland, I highly recommend it.


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