What a strange thing

Today the blog turns one and I can hardly believe it.

366 days ago, on a sunny Sunday afternoon, I decided to log onto to WordPress and start this blog. I wasn’t entirely sure what direction this space would take or even how long my blogging adventure would last. A week? A month? Well, it turns out it’s lasted at least a year, although my attendance has been spotty at times. The day I started writing, my mood – unlike the cheery weather outdoors – was subdued as I entered the initial stages of grief, mourning the loss of my dad to cancer. (It’s always cancer, isn’t it?)

In the span of a year, a lot has changed and continues to change on a day to day basis. My life, from where I stand, looks very different from how it used to and though there are a million and one things I wish I could take back, alter, revise, rewrite, undo, fix, unscramble, and correct, I’m also finding myself at a point of peace – if only temporarily.

I’ve taken an active role in my grieving process- I’ve talked about it, I’ve read about it, and I’ve written about it. I’ve come a long way and I have so many of you to thank. Thank you for reading, thank you for commenting, thank you for being here.



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