What you deserve

Today my heart is full of love. Love for my country (it’s  Canada day), for my family, for my dad, for my aunts (their birthday is today), for my friends, and everything else there is. (It helps that the rain cleared and the weather is now beautiful.)

We love Florence and the Machine and Yvonne has mentioned Third Eye, a song from Florence’s latest album, and this lyric:

You don’t have to be a ghost
Hidden amongst the living
You are flesh and blood
And you deserve to be loved
And you deserve what you are given


I’m sensitive to terminology and because “you get what you deserve” can be used either in hope or with malice, and good people have bad things happen to them all the time not because they deserve it but because the world sucks, I always mentally change the lyric to “you deserve the good you are given”

That’s all I really have to say today. I’m sending out ~positive vibes only ~ (I’m surprised  at how often I’ve seen that on shirts) and in general, you deserve all the good that you get.

Unless I don’t like you

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