In our garden 02

As a follow up from our first post about our 2016 garden, I only have to report that I love what has grown, everything is in good order, and I’m so happy to do this for both our diets and my soul.

To be fair, the only produce we’ve eaten is kale and snow peas, and the six snow peas we’ve had we’ve only harvested in the past two days. BUT we’ve been eating so much kale. I used to hate it (unlike Yvonne), mostly because it’s rubbery and overhyped and I’m bad at remembering to get leafy greens (despite knowing that they’re a great source of iron and other vitamins that I’m low in), but to have it in my garden at hand is … power …


It’s resilient, it grows in a variety of conditions, and it JUST. KEEPS. PRODUCING. I mean, yes, we have four plants of two varieties but there are always big leaves to eat. In my experience, tomatoes and kale are 100% instant gratification for a long duration. Go for it.

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As previously mentioned, we’ve also finally been eating snow peas (or sugar snap peas? Who knows) and they are SURPRISINGLY FLAVOURFUL. Yeah, yeah, it’s fun to pick them off the bush and into your mouth, the little vines that grow and cling onto trellises are cute, the white flowers are pretty, etc. but DELICIOUS. They will be bountiful soon.


Everything else is still green and growing, so we’ll see.


Gardening, among other things, is keeping me from going crazy though. We’ve all been very wary that being home and unemployed would send me into the depressive spiral I had two years ago (under the same conditions except I didn’t know it was depression), so we’ve been making sure to take it easy on me [on being unemployed] and give me just enough tasks/projects to do. Tending to the garden allows me to check in on a slow but steady tangible process and physically do things to help a living being grow (e.g. pruning); it provides the instant gratification required to soothe my antsy need to progress and produce something of worth and good to the world.

And allow me to say something rather prosaic, dramatic, and literal, but even in  a garden, it shows that death begets life… through seeding. Most of our arugula has gone to seed since we had some strange high heats early in the summer that forced them to shoot up and grow quickly and die quickly. But still, it provides an opportunity to learn: next year, despite usually buying seedlings, we’re going to have to learn to plant arugula by seed. It will be a whole new experience, all because we tried something and it died so much sooner than anticipated.


See? I can #try to be #insightful even while talking about #healthy #green #vegetables


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