“River”, Leon Bridges

The only other time we’ve mentioned music on this blog has been when we’ve talked about Florence and the Machine’s Third Eye, and that’s pretty much just because we really like that song.

Leon Bridges, however, has been intertwined in our lives perhaps in a way that no other artist has. (An excellent contender is the song My Girl by the Temptations, but the band as a whole plays little to no role in our lives.)

Yvonne and I first found Leon Bridges in July 2016 while on Google Music (Google Play? Play Music? Whatever it is.), building the playlist for their August wedding. Out of 89 songs, we managed to only include 3 of Bridges’ songs, which is a decently high proportion considering most other bands only showed up once, but pretty good considering I could have put his whole album on.

View More: http://tamaralockwoodphotography.pass.us/sturtonwedding
Gross. (Photo by Tamara Lockwood.)

So there Leon was in July and we played him the rest of the summer, at the wedding, and forever and ever, the rest of our lives, the end.

Except 2016 was quite the year of travel for the two of them, and they decided to pop down to Cleveland, OH one weekend to celebrate their 12th (Dating) anniversary and to see Leon Bridges perform. Another milestone.

Yvonne and I were surprised that David fell in love with Leon Bridges so quickly, from the end of August (we didn’t share the playlist with him until the wedding) to the beginning of October, to want to see him in concert.

It turns out that David had heard of Bridges long before we did, probably right when the album Coming Home was released in June 2015, falling in love with the song, “River”.

I’m not going to read into what the song itself means or its level of appropriateness – that’s for everybody to decide for themselves, I think – but I will remind you that my dad died at the beginning of May 2015 after three weeks of knowing he had cancer, and I will paste here the last verse of the song:

Take me to your river
I wanna go
Lord, please let me know
Take me to your river
I wanna know

Leon Bridges may not be Air Supply (some might argue that he’s the furthest thing from them), but I think my dad would have loved him.

Also, at this point, I think we should preemptively play one of Bridges’ songs at any possible milestone from now on, just to beat Life to the punch.

(Also, he’s 26-years old, so do you think if we ever met, we could date? He could sing me to sleep, and I could… show him pictures of animals and make him watch me do jigsaw puzzles. Win-win, I think.)


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